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Reasons Coyote & Fox Removal and Control is Necessary in Westchester County New York

Having coyotes on your property is a real problem, a rather big one. Coyotes can cause a lot of problems for residents. Since most people are scared of coyotes, it becomes harder to get rid of them. You may set-up traps to catch these predators, but it is best to leave the job to a professional coyote removal service in Westchester county New York. If you haven’t called a professional coyote control service in Westchester, take a look at the reasons coyotes and foxes need to be removed from residential areas as soon as possible: Feasting on your Pets Coyotes are clever predators in search of prey. When these pests live in residential areas, they prey on pets as their main source of food. Whether it is a small sized dog or a chicken, coyotes can easily kill them for food. Coyotes can also easily hunt down domesticated pets such as goats, sheep, and more. Concern for Diseases Coyotes are a candidate for rabies. This means that encountering a coyote can be a real problem. And if you get too close to this predator, you are at the risk of getting bitten by it, which can result in rabies. Another disease that these pests carry is the canine parvovirus which doesn’t harm humans. Threatening Residents Coyotes are not just harmful to your pets, they are also a nuisance for residents. Due to their wolf-like demeanor, coyotes scare people away. So, if you have a pack of coyotes living in your area, you might be scared of heading out. Humane Coyote Removal in NY You might have tried a few... read more

Why You Need Skunk Removal and Control in Westchester County, New York

From foul smelling spray to dug up holes in the ground, skunks are known for causing a lot of trouble in homes. These pests belong to the weasel family and can be dangerous if left inside homes. Skunks are a Candidate for Rabies Skunks living in homes close to humans can be a serious health threat. These pests can carry rabies, a disease that causes inflammation in the brain, resulting in loss of life. Therefore, if you see a skunk in your yard or the basement, make sure you call a professional for skunk removal in Westchester County New York. Spray anyone who comes near them When you hear of skunks, the first thing to come to mind is their foul smelling spray. Skunks spray anyone they feel threatened from. The oily liquid that they spray contains sulfur that can blind people and pets. This means that having a skunk in your house is not only dangerous for you, but also your pets. So, call a professional for skunk control in Westchester for humane skunk removal from your property. Damage Grass If there are skunks living in your house, they will dig up your lawn in search of insect larvae. Their search for food will result in destroyed grass, broken plants, and holes in your lawn. Tear up Property Skunks are always on the lookout for warm shelters to build nests. therefore, if you find your property’s structure damaged from the foundation, it means there is a skunk or any other pest building a nest in your basement. Skunks dig holes in the foundation of homes to get into... read more

The Damage a Rat and Mice Control Professional Can Save You From in Westchester County

Rats and mice can be a source of trouble for homeowners, especially if they find a way to sneak into their kitchens, bathrooms, and other parts of the property. Whether you find them adorable or totally disgusting, there’s no denying the fact that rats and mice can cause a lot of trouble in your home. If you call a professional rat and mice removal in Westchester County, New York, however, you can rest assured that you will be protected from the problems caused by these little troublemakers. Deadly Diseases Professional rat and mice removal can save you from the diseases that these critters cause. Whether the rat bites you, scratched you, or simply roams around your house freely, you are bound to catch diseases. Rats are responsible for causing a range of illnesses including liver and kidney damage, cardiovascular problems, allergies, skin infections, and more. Chewed Household Items Rats are not just carriers of harmful diseases and bacteria, they can cause a lot of other problems as well. Rats will bite into anything that it finds useful for building a nest. If a rat is living in your home, you are bound to find many punctured and chewed household items. Destroyed Insulation All the money you put into insulation will go to waste by the presence of mice or rats in your home. Rats tend to pierce through insulation walls to make a nest, resulting in costly repairs. Risk of Fire Mice and rats are real troublemakers. They chew and destroy anything that they can use to build their nests. And if they find a way into your appliances... read more

3 Reasons You Should Get Raccoons Out of Your Home by Professional Raccoon Control in Westchester County

Raccoons are pesky creatures that get into homes doing all types of damage. With a raccoon in your house, you can expect to witness a lot of damage to your property including torn insulation pipes, scraped walls, and chewed up wires. That’s right, raccoons are the number one troublemakers in homes in Westchester County, NY. Therefore, when you notice signs of raccoons in your home, you must find ways to get them out of your property. Below are a few reasons to help you understand the importance of raccoon removal in Westchester County New York and why only a professional raccoon exterminator is the best solution for humane raccoon removal in NY: Increased Health Risks Raccoons are known to cause trouble in places they live in, especially if it is a home. When raccoons make home inside your house, they defecate and urinate in your attic and basement, raising serious health concerns. And the litter problem worsens when raccoons give as many as eight babies in your attic or basement. Raccoons are also carriers of rabies and if they bite or scratch you, there is a chance of transfer of the disease. Raccoon feces also contains baylisascaris, a type of roundworm that causes infections in humans. Damaged Property The urine and feces collected in your attic causes damage to the ceiling, resulting in costly repairs. Apart from that, raccoons also make holes in attics and basements, tear insulation on pipes, and chew on electric wires. Therefore, when you find a raccoon hide out in your home, find a professional raccoon exterminator to prevent the damage. Financial Loss Raccoons can... read more

Bat Removal and Problems with Bats in Westchester County, NY

When the sun sets and the darkness falls, it is bats that take over and fly around in the sky. Bats are the only mammals capable of flying, but they are not the ones you should allow inside your home. Although bats do not cause true damage to your walls or property, it can be a great deal of trouble if bats start living in your attic or basement. If you hear squeaking sounds coming from a dark space in your home, it is quite possible that you have given bats a home to stay. Below is a list of problems that bats can cause when they start building colonies inside your property: Bat Mites’ Infestation Bats play the role of hosts for bat mites that live on their bodies feeding off their blood. Therefore, when you have bats in your home, you will be seeing more mites in your beds and couches. However, due to their similarity to bed bugs, bat mites are often treated wrongly, resulting in ill health and infections. Damage to your Health A bat’s feces are known as guano, which contains spores for histoplasmosis, a disease than can affect a person’s lungs. This means that when you have bats in home or bats in the attic, they will excrete guano, which will put you at the risk of catching harmful diseases. Moreover, bats are carriers of rabies and if a bat bites you, you will be infected by the deadly disease. Extensive Structural Damage Unlike rats and squirrels, bats do not cause any direct damage to your property like chewing on to your ceiling... read more

3 Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Professional for Squirrel Control in Westchester County, NY

Squirrels have long been the cause of damage to property for people in the United States. These critters might appear adorable on the outside, but they are responsible for causing major damage both inside and outside a home. Even if you come up with a plan to protect your home from ground squirrels, it will be a challenge to keep your property secured from flying squirrels that can glide up to 295 feet. So, when you notice the presence of squirrels in your attic or backyard, the best thing to do is call a professional squirrel pest control professional. The following are a few benefits that a squirrel removal company can offer you: Protection from Property Damage Squirrels are troublesome, especially if they find a way into your home. They urinate in attics, chew through sheet rock, bite onto wires, and more. With a squirrel in your home, you can expect to incur a lot of damage to your property that also requires spending lots of money on repairs. Therefore, calling a professional squirrel removal expert in Westchester County, NY, helps prevent damage to your property. Greater Cost Savings The amount of trouble that ground squirrels and flying squirrels cause can result in greater expenditure on repairs and replacement. However, if you call a professional in time, you will be able to get rid of these mischievous creatures without spending much. Professional squirrel removing companies have appropriate equipment and proper training to evacuate squirrels by setting up squirrel traps wherever necessary. Improved Living Conditions Squirrels not just chew onto your belongings, but also defecate and urinate inside your home.... read more

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