Animal Damage Repairs

canstockphoto13289005Pinnacle Wildlife Control is your full service wildlife animal control service. Pinnacle Wildlife can get rid of unwanted animals and repair animal damage and implement proactive measures to reduce a future wildlife invasion.

Pinnacle Wildlife can repair your home and create a barrior to exclude animal re-entry. Animal incursion prevention is the best step you can take to avoid the cost of animal damage repairs. Pinnacle Wildlife can repair and replace attic damage, including restoration and wall insulation replacement and animal damage control services including blocking any open areas to prevent another infestation. You will learn about the dangers associated with animal infestation and how to manage your home to reduce the odds of a future wildlife infestation and subsequent damage.

canstockphoto6759070Pinnacle Wildlife Control can repair damages and implement state-of-the-art prevention techniques and barriers to entry to keep the wildlife in your neighborhood outside in the wild. Adding screening to vents, chimneys, gutters and ground level windows can prevent unwanted animal entry. Adding a chimney cap and closing existing entry holes also reduces the opportunity for invasion by unwanted wild or domestic animals.

Pinnacle Wildlife Control can help you with:

  • Removal and repair of damaged insulation material
  • Draft and Leak stoppagecanstockphoto4776334
  • Odor removal
  • Carcass removal (dead animal removal)
  • Debris and nest material removals
  • Attic or Crawlspace restoration
  • Attic or Crawlspace decontamination
  • Attic or Crawlspace cleaning (feces removal)
  • Roof repairs
  • Chimney repairs
  • Chimney cap installation
  • Installing screening on vents
  • Installation of screening on windows
  • Closing animal entry holes
  • Perimeter inspections