Pinnacle Wildlife Control did an outstanding job in resolving a problem with 3 raccoons roaming and wreaking havoc on our property. Within minutes of speaking with Anthony of Pinnacle Wildlife Control over the phone, he provided a thorough understanding of what the entire trapping process would be, from start to finish.

Upon arrival, he performed a thorough inspection of the area, quickly assessed the problem, strategically set traps and captured a raccoon within a few hours that same evening. By day four, the problem was resolved, all three raccoons were captured and an additional two possums.

We are very pleased with the swift response, professionalism, steadfastness, effective raccoon removal service, and affordable pricing Pinnacle Wildlife Control provided.

After several challenging and unsuccessful attempts to deter these raccoons from our property, one call to Pinnacle Wildlife Control remedied the situation. Their name clearly speaks for itself. The overall integrity of their service was outstanding. Thanks you Pinnacle Wildlife Control.

DS, Westechester

While I hope to never need Anthony again (squirrels be gone forever!) I highly recommend him for his quick response, expertise, professionalism and successful outcome!

Hi Anthony,
I’m not so good in writing but just a few words for outstanding service we got during the time of our sleepless nights with a raccoon above us scratching and running around.
1) You were always available by phone to guide us what to do.
2) You were always calm and had the world’s time to ensure us that the way your handling it there is nothing to be worried that it will get in to our living space
3) And finally by trying many ways and many hours you were successful to get them out and close up all possibilities to get them back .
There is a lot more to express the kind of service you give. All I can say is god bless you to be successful in all your good work.
Thanks and thanks again.
The Rosenberg Family

We had a bat in our home. Anthony responded right away and kept us informed of when he would arrive He was able to catch the bat in about a minute. He called to let us know when he had dropped bat at Department of Health. He also came two days after to inspect our home for possible areas of ingress. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend pinnacle wildlife services. 5 STARS
Evelyn Baroni

I used Pinnacle to remove a woodchuck.
Anthony Vaccaro was terrific. He explained everything, told me to be patient and within a week the animal was trapped and removed.
I highly recommend Pinnacle.
David Levine

Anthony did an amazing job in resolving our squirrel issue. We hired a different company at the start and they were not able to resolve it. With just one call with Anthony, he was able to already tell me over the phone the different approaches we would take, and when he came over he was able to quickly and calmly assess the situation. He gave the best advice and did the appropriate solution to resolve our issue. He is very knowledgeable and professional- coming over multiple times to check traps, etc. I highly recommend him!
Amanda W., Rockland County

OUTSTANDING service !!!
After discovering that squirrels had been nesting in my attic during the pandemic, I needed trapping as well as the “Attic Clean Out”
Anthony clearly explained in advance and explained again as he and his assistant progressed.
They were able to work around my schedule and kept all planned appointments.
Consistently tidied up at the end of each work day.
Anthony was also very helpful in identifying attic issues beyond his scope of service and assisting in solving those as well.
Roy H., Rockland County

We had squirrels nesting in our house. Anthony was professional, responsive, and knew exactly how to take care of the problem. He safely removed them from further damaging the house. Highly recommend!
Nina C., Westchester

I don’t want to publicly admit the type of animal that made its way into my house but lets just say it is an animal you would NEVER want in your house. We discovered this late on a weeknight the day after a huge rain and were calling all over desperately to get someone to come immediately. I spoke to a number of wildlife control companies but knew from my first phone call that Pinnacle was the most professional and caring one to use. Anthony heard the story, and arrived immediately. He took care of getting the animal out in a very humane way and assured us that he would be releasing it the following day outside of the county limits. I hope I never have to use them again but I can recommend them to anyone!
Sheryl, Westchester

Anthony was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the trapping /removal of raccoons from my property. I would highly recommend this service.

“I had a ground hog greeting me every time I drove down my driveway at my home. I found Pinnacle online and chose them because their package deal seemed very fair. They responded quickly and were very professional. They knew exactly where to put the trap and caught the ground hog within the first hour!!
They really know what they’re doing!”
Bernice W. New Rochelle

After planting a newly sodded lawn last Spring, we woke up one January morning to find the whole lawn had been chewed up and spit out by some scary animal! Not knowing who to call, I went online, read the amazing reviews on Pinnacle Wildlife and decided to call. Luckily, they do work in southern Ct so the next morning, Anthony came with his helper, set the traps and in 4 days, they had caught 2 huge raccoons! Anthony relaid the grass patches that he could in order to see if there were more animals, but so far, so good. Anthony is very warm, punctual, professional guy and if we should have any other issues, I will definitely use him again! Fantastic service!
Diane, Greewich CT

We had a bat flying around our house for 2 nights & it was unable to find its way out. We called Anthony based on the quality of his reviews and we weren’t disappointed. Our agreed plan was to call him as soon as the bat became active in the evening. He checked in with us before we even called him. The bat became active during our call so he came right over. Within minutes he had the bat in his hands. Anthony is very professional, knowledgeable and responsive and his prices are competitive. I highly recommend him for any bat-related issues you might have.
Debbie S., Mamaroneck NY

Anthony is a true professional. He’s knowledgeable and dependable. Very good at what he does. We had a skunk under our outdoor patio and he came everyday like clockwork until the problem was solved. We are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend his service. Thank you
Mike, Scarsdale

“Anthony was sent from Heaven to our home at the wee hours of the morning! This company was the only one that was true to their word of 24 hour and immediate service. Anthony responded when many other companies could not even be reached. A bat was in our home and Anthony arrived at 3:00 am to assure that my family was safe and the bat was removed. While he was actively searching for this creature he was polite and reassuring. He searched endlessly until this animal was located and removed. We can not thank Anthony enough for his professionalism! I would highly recommend this service to anyone in need they are amazing.
Lastly, unfortunately my husband was injured attempting to initially remove the bat and Anthony was kind enough to follow up to assure not only that their service was effective but to also check on the condition of my husband. I was impressed with their generosity, professionalism and kindness!!!”


Meet Mr. Anthony the day before Thanksgiving. I was awakened by a noise in my bedroom. Went to turn over in my bed. And saw a BAT flying lower over my head. Mr. Anthony Assured me that everything was going to be ok. Just relax and not worry. I am on my way. And for sure. He was there. He even check everything to make sure there where no more bats in my apartment. He is very professional, pleasant, courteous and knows his work. OUTSTANDING. He is open 24 hrs.
Alicia P.

We were impressed with Anthony’s professionalism, can-do attitude and ability to quickly resolve our issue. A baby woodchuck fell through some exposed grating outside on our property; the poor critter was stuck approx. eight feet down on the basement level and couldn’t get out. A veterinarian’s family suggested Anthony. He was congenial and gracious too. Problem solved! We’d call Anthony again and have recommended him to others.
Francine P.

Anthony was nothing short of awesome … he went way above and beyond … in time, effort, locations he covered and even didn’t give up at the end of his work … he cane back extra days and yes… he caught and relocated several troublesome critters … raccoons and skunk …. I highly recommend Anthony … his communication, responsiveness snd results exceeded my expectations …. many thanks Anthony !!!!
Joe D (white plains)

“Anthony is wonderful! We have raccoons in our crawlspace size attic. He came over and took a thorough look both inside and outside. He came masked and we were masked as well – given Covid. We really appreciated that.

He told us what he would do to escort these critters out. Completely humane. Also being the time of year (March) that the mother is going to give birth soon he said to do it either now or at the end of the summer / early fall. We are weighing our options whether to do it sooner or later. We do not want to harm the critters. and we are definitely going to use Anthony’s services. He was very thoughtful and advised us to have our current roofing company seal the holes first all but one. We would leave an exit hole for them to go out and then he would seal that last hole up. We have decided to do it at the end of the summer. Thank you Anthony for your guidance and your help! Highly recommend Anthony!
Carol B., Yonkers, NY”

“Pinnacle Wildlife was a lifesaver! While in contract on a vacant house, 5 squirrels entered the home and took up residence. The listing agent used a trapper and assured us that the problem was taken care of, but we were not satisfied. We called Anthony to come take a look. He was incredibly flexible when I had to keep rescheduling our appointment due to access issues at the house. After closing on the house, we contracted his services to do a clean up to remove any remnants the critters left behind. In addition, Anthony also set traps to give us peace of mind that the squirrels were indeed gone. Going one step further, Anthony also set us up with his handyman to help seal up and holes in the exterior where the squirrels could be getting in and gave us his recommendation for a pest control company to take care of any mice and bugs that we encounter in our home. Anthony is passionate about his work and it shows. He took his time to make sure he did a thorough job, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. I highly recommend Anthony and Pinnacle Wildlife!
Lauren, Westchester NY”

Five stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hired Pinnacle to remove groundhogs from underneath my deck. Anthony is efficient and very knowledgeable. He trapped the groundhog and kept me in the loop every step of the way. This is an excellent service, I would highly recommend Pinnacle and Anthony for any wildlife issues !
Paul I, New Rochelle

We called Pinnacle after 9pm on a Saturday night because there was a bat in our basement. Not only was Anthony at our home within an hour (and we’re out of county, in Rockland) but he found the bat and took him away. He had a calming presence and we were very grateful.
D. Barclay

Anthony is excellent. We had dead deer in our yard on a Sunday morning and he was at our house and completed the project within an hour. Highly recommend.