5 star reviewsRefuge of Hope
We are very pleased with the service Anthony has given us (Refuge of Hope Church in New Rochelle). We had problems with Birds and Squirrels. Anthony was able to take out all of the birds and squirrels and cover and fix all the entrances to where they were entering. He did such an amazing job that we did not hesitate and called him to come to our home to take out the flying squirrels in our attic. Anthony is efficient , reliable, problem solver, great communicator and very knowledgeable. We would recommend Anthony to anyone and everyone. Thank you Anthony!
– Mariano Rivera (former Yankee) and Clara Rivera (Pastor of Refuge of Hope)

My family can not thank Anthony enough!!! Pinnacle Wildlife was the only company we contacted to remove a bat from our home that immediately responded to our call at 3:00am with a 24 hour advertisement. He was truly Heaven sent! Anthony answered the phone personally and came immediately to remove the bat from our home. He searched diligently until the animal was located! Anthony was professional and extremely competent! I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of wildlife removal! In addition to his professional expertise Anthony was quite compassionate and kind – he contacted us later in the day with concern to check on my husband who was injured requiring emergency care when he initially encountered the bat. We are forever grateful to Anthony and Pinnacle Wildlife Control.

I had a ground hog greeting me every time I drove down my driveway at my home. I found Pinnacle online and chose them because their package deal seemed very fair. They responded quickly and were very professional. They knew exactly where to put the trap and caught the ground hog within the first hour!!
They really know what they’re doing!
Bernice W. New Rochelle

Anthony and his crew are the best. I’ve use him for a big job on my own home and recommended him to friends and family as well. Amato Pennella, Westchester

Anthony was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the trapping /removal of raccoons from my property. I would highly recommend this service.

Lyn, Scarsdale NY

pesky critters“OMG I am so happy that I called Pinnacle Wildlife Control!  I was desperate because we had squirrels in our attic. Pinnacle removed the squirrels and sealed the entry point to avoid further problems.  They made it seem so easy!  Thanks again, Pinnacle.”

Connie T.

Bronx, NY


At my business located in new Rochelle,  we were getting ready one morning and we have the front door open, at approx. 11am here comes a skunk that walks in like he owns the place!! I was quickly referred to pinnacle they responded quickly and removed the skunk. The best part was that the skunk did not spray. I do not know how thy did it, but thy did it right and saved the day! Thank you so much Pinnacle for Your professional service!

John, Owner, New Rochelle NY


“It was disconcerting when we spotted a coyote roaming the edges of our backyard property, but one evening we heard our little French Bulldog, Bam Bam screaming.  We ran outdoors and to our horror the coyote had Bam Bam in it’s mouth and lifted off the ground.  Fortunately, when we all shouted the coyote dropped Bam Bam and ran into the woods.  The next day we called Pinnacle.  They sent a very experienced trapper, who after studying the coyote tracks in the woods, successfully trapped and relocated the coyote within a couple of days.  I am a veterinarian, and I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and most importantly the results! Thank you, Pinnacle Wildlife!

Mark M.

White Plains, NY


“They had the best and quickest service!”

-Nelly T.

Westchester, NY


“When the fox came into our house through the pet door, it made a mess in our house. We immediately called Pinnacle Wildlife Control. In the meantime, we tried to chase it out of the house with a broom. I told my kids to stay in the car, as it might have rabies. When the Pinnacle Wildlife Control arrived, they quickly set up a trap for the fox and captured it. They assured us that the fox carried no diseases. I would highly reccommend Pinnacle Wildlife Control to a friend or stranger alike.”


Yonkers, NY


“Very efficient and knowledgeable.”

-Chris B.

Elmsford, NY


“I hired Pinnacle because our yard was attracting a lot of moles which dug up our lawn. They provided a permanent solution and now we dp not get moles. It was a pleasure to hire Pinnacle.”

-Janice S.

Mt Kisko, NY

I heard noises in my attic and saw bats  flying out at dusk so I called Pinnacle and have not seen them since Pinnacle are thorough thy do it all if I ever have any problems with wildlife I’m calling pinnacle!!!!!

Joey R., Westchester NY


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