Wildlife Prevention

IMG_0485When it comes to wildlife safety for you and your family you need to be careful to avoid wild animal encounters.

You should always treat wildlife as it could be sick or dangerous. You should never approach wildlife especially in your own home. Do not touch any nests, dens or animal waste. Keep your distance to protect your family members and pets and contact us, the pros at Pinnacle Wildlife Control can handle your unwelcome guests.

Teach your children to treat all snakes as if they are venomous. Make sure if any family member or pet is bitten or scratched by a wild animal to try and restrain the animal for testing. Using a big garbage can be a good option for small animals and snakes. Do not try and touch any wild animals. The wild animal should be checked for diseases. Make sure your pets are up to date on their vaccines to protect them from a wild animal encounter. Your pet will likely be the first point of contact for an unwelcome wild animal intrusion.

Try not to feed area wildlife, you are inviting in more wildlife than you can imagine. Hummingbird feeders attracts raccoon, skunks and opossums (not to mention carpenter ants that will eat at your home in winter). Rats tend to live in residential areas that offer an easy, free food source.