Attic Clean Outs

Attic Clean OutsYour attic is one of the most important areas of your home to keep clean and critter free. The best way to do that is to first make sure there are no entry points. Insulation loses its effectiveness if entry points are present. Rodents and birds can make holes in your attic and remove insulation and create water leaks and smell that can get into your home.

Cleaning your attic from animal debris and bedding, fixing insulation and repairing damage or holes on the attic floor or roofing can save you on energy and keep your home safer from animal born germs. Keeping the walls and roof of your attic clear from animal damage will make your family safer.

Attics often exhibit the same rodent and moisture issues found in crawl spaces. When critters are present, from birds to bats to squirrels or rats, you need to make sure they are humanely removed and your attic is safe, sound and germ free.

Pinnacle Wildlife has the equipment to:

  • Remove animal debris and nests
  • Remove pesky critters and birds
  • Clean out/Replace your damage
  • Treat odor or mold problems related to animals
  • Patch wall or roof wood damage to prevent water seepage