When the sun sets and the darkness falls, it is bats that take over and fly around in the sky. Bats are the only mammals capable of flying, but they are not the ones you should allow inside your home. Although bats do not cause true damage to your walls or property, it can be a great deal of trouble if bats start living in your attic or basement. If you hear squeaking sounds coming from a dark space in your home, it is quite possible that you have given bats a home to stay. Below is a list of problems that bats can cause when they start building colonies inside your property:

Bat Mites’ Infestation
Bats play the role of hosts for bat mites that live on their bodies feeding off their blood. Therefore, when you have bats in your home, you will be seeing more mites in your beds and couches. However, due to their similarity to bed bugs, bat mites are often treated wrongly, resulting in ill health and infections.

Damage to your Health
A bat’s feces are known as guano, which contains spores for histoplasmosis, a disease than can affect a person’s lungs. This means that when you have bats in home or bats in the attic, they will excrete guano, which will put you at the risk of catching harmful diseases. Moreover, bats are carriers of rabies and if a bat bites you, you will be infected by the deadly disease.

Extensive Structural Damage
Unlike rats and squirrels, bats do not cause any direct damage to your property like chewing on to your ceiling and more. However, bat guano can pile up in your basement and attic, causing your ceiling to get damaged over time.

Bat Extermination in Westchester County, NY
The best choice for bat removal in Westchester County New York is to hire a pest control professional. Bat removal experts offer a complete service solution to ensure that bats are out of your property. If you are struggling to decide whether a bat control professional is useful or not, take a look below:

They are Experienced
Bat exterminators are professionals who have the right knowledge, equipment, and skills to remove bats from homes successfully. The best part about hiring a professional is that they perform humane bat removal, keeping bats safe and releasing them in the wild.

They do it Fast
When it comes to bat control in Westchester County, NY, only a professional can perform the removing task efficiently. They have proper plan in place to force bats out of homes without causing any trouble.

Although bats control mosquito population, they can cause a lot of problems if they start living inside your home. Therefore, it is best to call a bat exterminator as soon as you notice bat activity in your home.

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