Are rats and mice making your life a nightmare? Residents of Westchester County, Katonah, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Mt. Kisco, Chappaqua, Armonk and Pleasantville, NY have seen the sheer trouble of rodents in their home. If you no longer want to deal with rodent infestation, use this guide on mice and rat control to prevent them from entering your home.

5 Ways Mice and Rodents Enter Your Home

  • Through the gaps and holes in the foundation of your home
  • Through various entry points such as windows and doors
  • Through the roof such as the shingles, ventilators and chimneys, especially if a leak or gap is present
  • Through the overgrown tree branches that are near your home
  • Through pipe and wire lines that extend into your home from outside

What Damages do Mice and Rodent Cause?

They can cause structural damage to your home by building their nest, gnawing on wood, books, paper, cloth and more and gnaw and burrow into furniture to create a nest. They will burrow into the home’s insulation system found in the attic and walls as well as chewing around wires, leading to a fire hazard.

In short, rodents will chew on just about any item found in the basement, closet, garage and attic. They can cause irreversible damage if they chew on family heirlooms, expensive paintings and important documents. Therefore, contact Pinnacle Wildlife Control for rat and rodent control.

Other Possible Risks and Dangers

Mice and rodents carry several diseases, which humans can contract through their droppings. The diseases they carry include hantavirus, bubonic plague, salmonella and rat-bite fever.

6 Mice and Rodent Deterrents

  • Use black foam or wire mesh to seal the gaps and holes on the home’s foundation
  • Make sure to close all doors and windows properly and if a gap exists, install metal kick plates to seal it
  • Fill in any gaps you find in the shingles and ventilators and place a cap on chimneys
  • Trim tree branches and maintain the garden space by removing trash and overgrowth
  • Use metal rodent guards to block rodent entry from the home via the wire and pipe lines
  • Keep the kitchen area clean and trash bags tightly sealed
  • Use rodent traps and chemical solutions
  • Contact Pinnacle Wildlife Control, rat exterminators, for rodent control and rat control

If mice and rodents are causing you problems, contact Pinnacle Wildlife Control for professional mice and rat control service. They serve the areas of Westchester County, including Katonah, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Mt. Kisco, Chappaqua, Armonk and Pleasantville, NY.

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