Snapping Turtles

Snapping Turtles humanely captured and removed. Snapping Turtles can damage your water features and eat your decorative fish. Do not attempt to pick up a Snapping Turtle, if you can touch their shell, their neck can extend to bite your fingers.
**Pinnacle Wildlife can only trap and remove snapping turtles in season from July 15 to Sept 30.

The common snapping turtle is one of the most familiar turtles. You have likely seen a snapping turtle sunning themselves on a log, crossing the road or swimming along in a pond or stream. Despite snapping turtle being slow on the ground, the snapping turtle is remarkable for its longevity, superior hunting skills, and powerful jaws. As the snapping turtle searches for food and nesting sites, it can end up in conflict with your home and family as snapping turtle can invade residential ponds, eat your fish, and make themselves a nuisance.

Turtle Capture/Removal

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